22 November 2010

Alternative Flash Player Auto-Updater 1.0

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Unlike what some companies and blogs try to sell you on, Adobe Flash continues to be one of the most important, relevant and installed Third-Party pieces of Software all around and will continue to be so for years to come. When it comes to Windows OSes. This should not come as any surprise, since it is the OS where it is updated the most, and that also got the best versions of it.

But just like with Java, it continues to be a bit of a chore to keep the thing properly updated.  Something really unfortunate, because along with Oracle Java,  Reader and Shockwave. Flash is also one of the Top 3 exploit points in Windows and beyond.  Since Windows Vista, Windows OSes as they are and as they come out, are actually very well secured. And you can make them even more so, with some extra configurations.  But no matter how secure a OS gets,  popular Third-Party software will always remain the biggest targets, since they are the easiest targets to hit and then infiltrate the OS.

For that reason, it is always very important to keep it up to date to reduce any chances of that happening.

Alternative Flash Player Auto-Updater 1.0 is a .NET 3.5 based app, that takes care of the task of keep Flash Player updated for you.  This means it check the Flash Player versions you got installed, check online to see if there is a new version available for download, and if it find one, it can download and install the new versions directly, but not without letting you know if you agree to do so by default.



For me, my favorite secondary part of the app, has to be its very clear and straightforward  Settings dashboard:


From it, you can set the behavior of the app, and also what and how do you want it to work and with which updates.  At first while you install this app,  you will note it asks you if you want to set it to start with windows or not. If you choose not to have it start with windows and only use it On-Demand, it will still ask you the same thing every time you use it.

In the case of Windows XP, you can use it as it is without any special instructions, when it comes to Vista & 7, you need to run it as Admin for it to work.  It only got a single installer and it works for XP,Vista & 7 in both 32 & 64 bits versions. 


Alternative Flash Player                                     <—Download Page




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