30 November 2010

BridgeURL: Share Multiple Links With One Single Link

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The idea of sharing several links to different websites with a single link is not new at all. There was actual desktop software you could use for this effect back in 1997.  And such a way of doing things remained in the desktop side as the  best execution until the Web 2.0 craze started in 2004. But it didn’t catch on as a online tool then, because the original use and reasons for such a operation, were originally thought around the many limitations of Dial-UP and the fact that multi-tab browsing didn’t existed. With the explosion of broadband and the arrival of browsers with multi-tab functions. The idea really didn’t had that much of a purpose. So the only thing that gained was a actual name: Burst Linking.

But then in 2007 with the rise of Twitter, Smartphones and better mobile web browsing. The idea of URL shortening, that was also not new at all either, got reborn. And to that reborn idea, the concept of burst linking seemed like a perfect plus.

Now we are at the end of 2010 and these two ideas have been mashed-up for well over a year.  Now as always, it is about finding the best tool for it.

BridgeURL is a online burst linker tool. From where you can share many links in a single go, as it provides you with a simple Short-url that leads to a matching webpage viewer and landing page for the shared links.


You only need to load the page, choose a title for your pack of links and the create a single short-url for you to the burst link wherever or whoever you want and need.


Once you got your BridgeURL link, you then have the right-away options to Tweet it, open the bridgeURL you created or view in one page.


For some reason BridgeURL decided to mess with the basic convention of Burst Linking and make the link you created lead to a Iframe based webpage slideshow tool. 


So if you want to see the actual pack of links in a landing page, you have to add a “/all” to your BridgeURL instead (ex http://bridgeurl.com/appatic-test/all) .  A decision I don’t understand they why of.  Simply because it is not what it would be expected to be the main option. Because while the webpage viewer is a nice feature, it should not be the main one, but a supplemental one.  So it would had been best if the “/all” had directed to this webpage viewer and the regular BridgeURL went to a links landing page, as it should be. 

But even with that little misstep, BridgeURL is a nice online tool that could come in handy and that works well.






М. К. said...

If you like similar functionality, you should be switching to http://brief.ly./ as it the state of the art - rocking features as post submition editing, any time to any place, keeps the traffic you created on your popular shor links.

no other service can match this. even not the giant bitly.

I also like analytics there and dozens of catchy short urls.

Way to post your multiples sites indeed.

Avatar X said...


Took a look at it. Liked it and will be posting on it. Thanks.

М. К. said...

Glad you like. Surprisingly people as far as Japan discover pretty unconventional usages for Brief.ly.

Some even set the browser's home pages to change them in one place and propagate to multiple computers, work, home, garage, mobile... http://name.ly/~Ej$8n


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