30 November 2010

Hashalbum: Twitter Based Photo Search Based On Hashtag Association

hashalbum logo

Looks like Twitter based photo searching continues on a innovation streak. Not that long ago I posted about Twicsy as the best twitter image search engine yet, even if with some minor rough edges.

Hashalbum is a Twitter image search engine focused on hashtags. It searches for images shared on Twitter based on the hashtag (ex. #Whatever) it was shared with when it was uploaded.


Unlike Twicsy, it is not at all likely it tries to be a broad twitter image search engine. Hashalbum is really truly focused on serving twitter photo results that are associated to a hashtag.

To the point where results served are aptly called albums (a la Flickr grouping) and hashalbum keeps track on who are sharing photos with a specific hashtag the most.  The best of this approach is that it produces very relevant results with a time marked relevancy and twitter connected community feel.  The worst is that you of course will never get as many results you can possibly get.  But given the concept behind the searching, it is not only understandable but the expected result.


After trying Hashalbum, I must say it is my new favorite Twitter Image Search. Based on design, focus, name and concept, it handily beats the hell out of Twicsy. There is simply no contest in those areas.

Hashalbum is a well thought and designed twitter image photo search. One that you hope continues to grow and maybe the one that you were waiting for. Well worth a look.  The best yet based on quality and focus.







Corey Grusden said...

Thank you for the compliments! We love working on it! Feel free to email me at corey@hashalbum.com if you have any more questions or feedback for us on specific features! They're always welcome!

Avatar X said...


Thanks for commenting and yeah i will e-mail you if there is something i think might be worth a suggestion.

Likewise you can comment back here if you do a big update.


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