15 November 2010

Jays Snipping Tool: Another Windows XP Snipping Tool Alternative

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When it comes to getting a Snipping Tool for Windows XP, you previously had two choices:

Go with a simple, but portable alternative via Snippy  or be willing to install the original Windows XP Tablet PC Snipping Tool in whatever other Windows XP version you happen to be running.

Now, I got you a good third choice.

Jays Snipping Tool is a Open Source .NET app from Codeplex by Jay Stratemeyer.  Its point is to bring a quick and simple snipping tool to Windows XP users, based on the Windows 7 version of the Snipping Tool.


A very basic snipping tool, at least at this point in its development (1.0).  Pretty much at the same level of Snippy,  just that it got a completely different style and approach.  But just like Snippy, it also integrates with the Windows System Tray and it could not be more straight forward to use.

Its only requirement is that you have the .NET framework 3.5 SP1 (at least) installed. And if you are in a updated XP SP3 Windows Install, you should already have it.


Windows XP Snipping Tool  1.0  (A.K.A Jays Snipping Tool)           <—Direct Download Link




Anonymous said...

Im glad you found my software interesting. Thank you for taking the time to blog about it. If you find something else that you would like for me to add, visit the codeplex site to make a suggestion,i will be glad to review it and notify you if your suggestion made it to the next build.

Jay Stratemeyer

Avatar X said...


I think that in regards of software there is no just one right solution, so i am always looking to have at least 3 different apps to acomplish the same task.

The only requirement is of course that they all have their own way to do it. I found yours a good match to contrast what snippy and the Windows Snipping Tool do.

Thanks for commenting. And glad you liked the post.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jay
A good friend has windows xp sp3 and she is looking for the snipping tool. Can you tell these 2 granny's how to find it? I've got vista and everything I do to snip doesn't help her.Thank you,

Avatar X said...


Only way to get the official microsoft snipping tool is following this post intructions:



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