25 November 2010

Logon Screen: A Simple Windows 7 Logon Screen Changer

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Windows 7 introduced a lot of user customization options compared to all previous Windows OS versions. That said, most users think that there was a very glaring omission: The Logon Screen.

Not that it has ever been a actual option for that matter. But since Windows 7 is the most customization friendly yet. Many Windows users were expecting that option to be also included.

Because of that, just like with past Windows OSes, there are already many ways to customize the logon screen. The problem with most current solutions being that they were not as user friendly as they could have been, or that they go too far, risking the OS future logon screen stability.

Logon Screen For Windows 7 from DanielNET Software  is another take on offering Windows 7 Logon Screen user customization. One that is easy, friendly and safe to use for anyone looking for this option.


  • It got a quick and clear installer
  • Integrates with the Windows 7 Desktop Context Menu
  • Once installed, it got a very simple app window that feels native.




Logon Screen For Windows 7 is simply the best Logon Screen changer for Windows 7 I have come across yet. I fully recommend it.


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Logon Screen For Windows 7                                      <—Direct Download Link





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