24 November 2010

Lorizzle: Gangsta Lorem Ipsum Dummy Text Generator

gangsta lorem ipsum logo

Good old Lorem Ipsum dummy text generators are boring.  While you only use them as mockup filler for unfinished projects, that don’t means you have to conform to that. You can have something fun instead.


Lorizzle is a online lorem ipsum dummy text generator with flow and flair to spare. With it you can generate a quick blob of dummy text, composed of a gangsta styled drivel. You can even try to read it and imagine it performed by Snoop Dogg if you want. Just that Snoop would need to completely lose his mind to come up with such amount of nonsense.


But anyway, if you find the idea enticing. Then you just need to load the lorizzle site, click a button and you will be ready to go. 






Kelly said...

Haha! Thanks! This is just what I needed for my WP Test Site. LOL!

Avatar X said...


Glad to be timely.

Anonymous said...



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