16 November 2010

Twicsy: Twitter Images Search Engine

Twicsy Logo Icon

I had previously posted about other Twitter Images Search engines. Unfortunately Ploy.co is only for searching Twitpic and Twtimage got its domain poached, so it is no longer active.

Twicsy is a broad Twitter Images Search engine, that also got a heavy focus on ordering result samples at the homepage from the hashtag based trending topics all around. This gives it a better sense of time relevance (paired to what is happening in Twitter), than just a focus on the most used keywords being searched for.  That, combined with the  fact that it can search Images shared in Twitter in context of the top 3 Twitter Image Hosts, makes it the best search of its kind yet to appear.


A great choice for those looking for a good Twitter Image Search. The only thing they need to make it better is improve the design, add more info about the site and maybe some extra Top Searches filters (Trending Topic, Keyword, etc) pages. Other than that, it is already more than good enough. And I look forward to see it evolve.






Chris Seline said...

We hear you about the design! We are working on it, we hope to launch a whole new look within the next 2 months.

I would also like to point out that we have over 190 million pics indexed, and we use our own tech so we can search back as far as we want. Most other twitter pic search engines out there just use the twitter api to do searches which limits them in terms of relevance and also only searches back a few weeks.

Thanks for the feedback!

Chris Seline

Charnita F. said...

Good post!! It's always nice to see founders and owners stop by to comment on posts about their site :)

Avatar X said...

@Chris Seline

Oh wow, that little detail sure explains how you are able to search the images on real time and how it got such a good relevance associated to the trending hashtags.

And, yes the design and lack of info about the service were of the few things that bothered me the most. But overall it is very impressive. hence i called it "the best yet" after all ;)

Hope you can let me know when it gets a big update. Thanks for stopping by.

Avatar X said...

@Chacha Fance

Yeah, it is always great when that happens. :)


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