15 November 2010

Windows Live Clouds - Windows 7 Theme

 tmp6B                   Bing Logo

Last week,  the winner of the Windows Live + Bing photo contest was presented. And there were so many great entries besides the breathtaking one winner, that the Windows Team decided to also release a Windows 7 theme. This theme is made up from the Top 10 entries as the desktop backgrounds of the theme.  This Top 10 also includes the winning entry from Somana Konganda of the Mt. Rainer from 10,000 feet:


But, lets remember this is not the first time a  set of runner up entries, from a Bing related photo contest have been turned into a W7 theme.  Because you can still get the W7 theme from the 2010 Bing Earth Day Contest.



Windows Live Clouds                               <—Direct Download Link





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