03 November 2010

Windows XP Embedded Official Theme


Windows XP has always been the Windows OS with the craziest and biggest  diversity of Windows Themes available.  Well, if you are willing to hack your install and sacrifice some resources of course.  But when it comes to Official Windows XP Themes?. You are pretty much stuck with the 3 default ones. 

However, it is possible to get 4 other Official Windows XP themes. In this post I will show you the  Windows XP Embedded Theme.



This theme was made as a way to differentiate the Embedded edition of Windows XP.  It’s look and style seems to be a play on the Windows XP default blue theme and Windows Azure.  Something that resulted in this Metallic Azure Blue color. A intense, yet not so loud theme. Certainly a theme that some may like and prefer a lot more, than any of  the 3 default ones in XP. And since it is a Microsoft made Official Windows XP theme, that means there is no need for hacks or the compromise of having to sacrifice more resources to use it.





Install It

In order to use this theme, you only need to follow 5 simple steps:

  • 1.-Download The Theme ZIP,                       (check for the link at bottom of this post)
  • 2.-Extract the ZIP contents into  c:\windows\resources\theme
  • 3.-Now check the Windows themes folder for the Embedded Theme Folder you just extracted there,
  • 4.-Open it and execute the Embedded.Theme file,
  • 5.-Your Windows XP theme should now be changed to the Embedded style.



Windows XP Embedded Theme                                     <—Download Page



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