03 November 2010

Windows XP Official Zune Theme


Windows XP has always been the Windows OS with the craziest and biggest  diversity of Windows Themes available.  Well, if you are willing to hack your install and sacrifice some resources of course.  But when it comes to Official Windows XP Themes?. You are pretty much stuck with the 3 default ones. 

However, it is possible to get 4 other Official Windows XP themes. In this post I will show you the  Windows XP Zune Theme.


The Windows XP Zune Theme came up to be as a launch extra for the Zune Software 1.0 back when Zune devices first appeared. The theme inspirations comes directly of how the Zune Software 1.0 looked back then, as it was first a reinterpretation of WMP 11.

Some interesting little facts about the Zune Theme are that; it is the only Official XP Theme that completely changed the start button to Orange, from the standard green, and it is also the only Official XP theme with its own installer and signature Desktop Background.

The theme style is a actual clear derivation of the leaked Royale Noir Theme, the only difference is that it got a more “burned” brushed black style and the bright brushed metal orange contrasting bits in the Windows Start Button and Windows Explorer. After Royale Noir, it is my second favorite Windows XP Theme. So, if you happen to like it, remember that it don’t needs a hack or extra resources to run as it is Microsoft made. And in its case you can also install it less than a minute, since it only requires 2 step from you to have it running.




Install It

In order to use this theme, you only need to follow 3 simple steps since this theme got its own installer:

  • 1.-Download The Theme MSI, (check for the link at bottom of this post)
  • 2.-Execute ZuneDesktopTheme.msi
  • 3.-Follow the theme installer





And that is it!




Windows XP Zune Theme                                                               <—Direct Download Link



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