03 November 2010

Windows XP Royale Official Theme


Windows XP has always been the Windows OS with the craziest and biggest  diversity of Windows Themes available.  Well, if you are willing to hack your install and sacrifice some resources of course.  But when it comes to Official Windows XP Themes?. You are pretty much stuck with the 3 default ones. 

However, it is possible to get 4 other Official Windows XP themes. In this post I will show you the  Windows XP Royale Theme.


The Windows XP Royale theme is part one of a duo of Themes, as they not only come together but share the same files.  That is because they were not fully finished. The themes are finished in look and behavior, but they were not packaged individually for actual release. This only means that they don’t come with a Theme control file (so, installing it may require a minute more of steps). But even then, they are as good for everyday use, as the ones that come by default in your windows XP install.

Why this duo of themes were not fully finished and bundled is the source of several rumored but plausible backstories. The most popular ones being that they were first going to be part of Windows XP SP2, but they didn’t made the cut (or Microsoft changed it mind) and the second one is, that they were meant to be added to a XP Plus pack update that never was.  And finally there is also a third, somewhat popular belief, that they were made for the second version of Windows XP Tablet Edition 2005 and Windows Media Center Edition 2005 respectively.

So who knows which is the right one or if any of them is anywhere close to be true at all.  Up to now, the true and confirmed backstory behind these Official XP themes, has yet to surface.

The Windows XP Royale Theme is a double play of bright blues. That to my taste comes of as a bit too bright and shiny. But for some that may be just what is missing on their Windows XP installs. And since they are Microsoft made, you don’t have to worry at all about applying a hack or sacrificing resources to use it. So if you like it, give it a go.


Install It

In order to use this theme, you only need to follow 5 simple steps:

  • 1.-Download The Theme ZIP, (check for the link at bottom of this post)
  • 2.-Extract the ZIP contents into  c:\windows\resources\theme
  • 3.-Now check the Windows themes folder for the Royale Folder you just extracted there,
  • 4.-Open it and execute the Luna.MSStyles file,
  • 5.-Your Windows XP theme should now be changed to the Royale style.

But, if it is not applied instantly once you have executed the Luna.msstyles, then you only need to add the following 5 extra steps (only needed if it is not already set with the first 5 steps)  to enable it:

  • 6.-Go to your desktop view and right-click in a free open area,
  • 7.-Click on Display Properties,
  • 8.-Click on the Appearance tab in Display Properties,


  • 9.-Make sure the color scheme dropdown is set at Royale.
  • 10.-Click the Apply button and then OK if it is finally set.


You are now done, enjoy!



Windows XP Royale Theme                                                    <—Download Page



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