29 December 2010

ffArchive 1.0: A FriendFeed Backup Creator

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Friendfeed at this point, as a service, is in a state of uncertainty.  No one knows if it is going to continue to be open and functioning in 2011 or not. But considering that most of the tech of it has now been already integrated into Facebook, its now longtime owner. It could indeed get the plug pulled in the coming months. Something that would certainly suck if you happen to like it.  But if it does comes to that sooner than later, and you indeed have a certain attachment to your Friendfeed account. You now can just back it up.

ffArchive is a ClickOnce enabled (easy install/uninstall) .NET app from CodePlex, that you can use to backup your entire FriendFeed account and even the public FriendFeed streams of people you follow.


It installs in 3 clicks and then you only need to put your FriendFeed username to start making a backup of your account. The private part of your account like direct messages and discussion feeds need  authentication by a FriendFeed Remote Key you can get by clicking in its link within the App.

After you have done that, you can fully backup your account. Once you have finished, the app will show you a backup report at the right side of the app window. Very simple, very easy to use.

Works in Windows XP SP3, Vista and 7.


ffArchive 1.0                            <—Direct Install Link



If you use Friendfeed and want a better way to use it, then also check FriendFoo.


Anonymous said...

Hi my friend :) i am the developer of this app. it works with .NET 2.0 too :)

Avatar X said...


Oh ok, since it was ClickOnce enabled, i just assumed it was done with 3.5, you don't see many ClickOnce enabled .NET apps below that version, usually.

I have now corrected the post. Thanks for stopping by.


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