28 December 2010

Kladjes: A Silverlight Based Reminder Notes Board App

Kladges Logo

Kladjes is a little Silverlight 4 app that allows to have your own virtual Reminder Notes corkboard for you to pin notes on. A app that is not meant to replace a fully featured To-Do list app or anything like it. The only perceived goal is to offer a digital replacement from the traditional corkboard people used to put on their desk to pin down notes. And as that, it does a fairly good job at it.



The best part about Kladjes ( besides being completely intuitive to use ) is that you can use it online-only via your Browser or you can choose to install it to your desktop in just 3 clicks thanks to it being SL4 based. You only need to load the site, right-click in any open space of the board, click on the “install this application”  context menu option and then accept the installation once the dialog appears. That is it. Now you can also use Kladjes offline and from your desktop too.



A very simple app, but with a fair amount of charm. Works on Windows and OS X.







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