01 December 2010

Webutation: Website Reputation Checker

Webutation.net logo

Website reputation and link verification is something that can now be seen integrated in some Anti-Virus like AVG or in IE8 with its SmartScreen. Both check for fraud and malware based on a website reputation list neither actually show. AVG solution is integrated with your browsing and can result a bit too much and at the same time it can slow your browsing experience a bit. IE8 SmartScreen on the other hand got a too hands-off approach, where it only will alert you if there is a perceived problem or if you manually want to verify a website. Something you don’t really bother doing unless you are already suspicious of a website or it happens to be a website that is too obvious of a possible hazard.

So neither are a medium balanced solution, and neither are a solution that shows you an actual score card of the website reputation.

Webutation is a Open Website Reputation checker that scans for fraud and malware in a site, while at the same time providing a scorecard with useful info, in a simple and clear way.


                               (Example of a Webutation Scorecard Page with Appatic as the subject website)

When you check for a website reputation, you get a webutation scorecard page. In it, it gives you the following website information:

  • Website Preview Screenshot
  • Number of Webutation reviews (if any)
  • Google Safebrowsing Check Result (Safe or Unsafe)
  • Website Antivirus Check Result  (Safe or Unsafe)
  • Web Of Trust Check Result (from Very Bad to Excellent)
  • Child Safety Rank ( Safe or Unsafe)
  • Google PageRank
  • Alexa Rank
  • Webutation Overall Score Badge (from 10 to 100 and from red to green)


This way you have all the info you could need at a quick glance. And if you want to submit your own webutation rating, you can do that too. Other extra is that you can grab your webutation score badge and put it in your blog,  if you want people to know you got a good and safe site.


Webutation is a interesting idea that has done before in many ways. But that thanks to it being clear and simple, it really stands out. Other thing done right is their aggregation of other website checks besides their own to formulate their final score. Score is updated in what looks to be a monthly basis. That means it is also a good way to track your website performance and safe status in one single page. This makes it a must have bookmark for any webmaster and blogger.

However, the most important thing Webutation it has going for users, is that it extends to the browser with extensions. Right now it only got extensions for Firefox and Chrome. So i just hope that they plan to release extensions for IE, Safari and Opera. Because the more people uses this, the better quality website reporting it could offer and the more chances it has to actually make a difference.







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