24 December 2010

Windows Interactive Holiday Calendar 2010


Christmas Day and the week that follows it until New Year is usually a week with many blocks of free time to kill, for one reason or another. If you want to have something to do in those moments with and remain within the spirit of the holidays (or at least convince yourself of it ) while on your Windows PC. Microsoft got just the right thing for you or for you to pass along to other Windows users:


A festive Windows related Holiday Calendar 2010.  This Silverlight based calendar of December 2010 lights up as you view with activities, tips and free goodies during the whole month.  The point of Microsoft with this site is of course to get you up to speed with some good Windows software for you to use with your Windows PC, show you some cool Microsoft related stuff promos and also give you out some free goodies in the process.

After checking out what it offers so far, I found it a nice festive promo, since it is very well executed. To the point I wish they had released it as a Windows Gadget or that they had at least let you embed it elsewhere.

For experienced users it brings you some nice goodies and holidays related  tools, but when it comes to new users or casual users it has the potential to come off as something quite neat and useful. Linkage

Windows Holiday Calendar 2010





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