24 December 2010

Winter Windows 7 Theme


Winter is already here, so why not welcome it and  embrace it properly with a Windows 7 theme?.

That is what Microsoft thought so too, and that is why they are now offering one for you to get.

A theme with some really pretty snowy scenes and panoramas all worth to be displayed in your desktop.


This theme comes with 13 desktop backgrounds.


Winter Windows 7 Theme                        <—Direct Download Link


Get just the Desktop Backgrounds if you are in XP or Vista.




Cher Cabula said...

Wow thanks for sharing. I'll make sure to download this when i get back from vacation. My laptop sadly is still running on vista, good thing my desktop is on 7 now. :)

Avatar X said...


I now am also adding a link to a post where you can explicitly get only the desktop background for XP and Vista.

Thanks you for visiting and commenting.


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