31 January 2011

FbInstant: Facebook Instant Search Engine

fbinstant logo

FbInstant is a Facebook instant search engine where you can search as you type everything in Facebook Public streams without signing in. Or if you sign in with Facebook Connect, you can then also add search results coming from your friends streams and some friends of friends streams depending on their privacy settings.


Previously I had also wrote about Open Facebook Search and Facetofind. But unlike OFS, FbInstant can also connect into facebook and also happens to have more detailed search results. While Facetofind is only for searching videos hosted in Facebook.

The best part about FbInstant must be that your search queries call for not just Facebook Wall results but also for Facebook Pages and Facebook Event results. This makes it worth using as it does serves as a better and faster way to search on Facebook than anything else.

I think that the only negative aspect about FBinstant would be its look and design. That while it tries to stay true to Facebook, for some reason it chooses to lift on the Old School Facebook design from 4 years ago instead of the current look, which is unfortunate as it looks not only dated but a bit ugly. But other than the look, it is a good web based service that works well and delivers good results.







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