17 January 2011

FM PDF To JPG/JPEG Converter Free 2.0


Usually, it is a batch of images the ones you would want to convert to a single PDF file.  But, what if you want to do the opposite?.  To take one or more PDF files and convert them into images?. You can. And if you had been looking for something to do just that, then read on.

FM PDF To JPG/JPEG Converter Free 2.0 is a batch conversion tool that can take one or more PDF files and convert them into JPG image files. On a one PDF page-one JPG file basis. And all for the free as it is stated in the name of this app.


The app got a  really good output conversion fidelity, plus it is easy to install and use.  It really only got 1 catch if you want to use it for free:

You only can use it with the settings as put by default when you launch the app. With the only configurable things being giving it a Profile name, Description and set to what folder you want output the JPG image files. Check the screenshot above for reference.

If you want to configure beyond that or access more output image file formats you will have to get a license for the tool.


  • Batch processing support
  • Ghostscript-based conversion engine
  • Supports URLs via HTTP, FTP protocols
  • Supports password protected PDF files
  • Supports multi-page PDFs
  • Supports scope function (separate PDF pages) to output images
  • Supports find function to search PDF files
  • Easy to use, user friendly graphical interface
  • Stable, Java-based software code

System Requirements

  • Java Runtime Environment 1.6+
  • GPL Ghostscript 8.71

(Installer check for both dependencies and will download and install them if you don’t have them)

  • 32-bits XP, Vista & 7



FM info page

FM PDF To JPG/JPEG Converter Free 2.0                      <—Direct Download Link




PDF to Word said...

Thanks for sharing. try this docsmartz pdf converter for better results here - http://www.docsmartz.net

Unknown said...

Great tool, and great post. Mac OS has “print to PDF” built in, but, of course, you have to be able to open the file in the first place. I’m surprised to hear that people are still using MS Office for things like Word doc’s–why not Google? It’s free.

Avatar X said...

There was actually going to be a PDF viewer/printer in Windows 7. But thanks to Adobe and the Antitrust oversight that idea got killed of. It will be there for Windows 8 among many other cool stuff now that the antitrust oversight finally expired.


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