30 January 2011

Microsoft Academic Search


Microsoft Academic Search is a project that was pushed forward by Microsoft Research Asia and it serves as a custom search engine for all kinds of computer science  academic research papers. Previously it was something mostly used internally by Microsoft Research investigators and employees all around the world.


From it you can explore 8,150,567 publications from 6,136,913 authors so far. Making it a great resource for computer science researchers everywhere.


The site itself got a obvious Bing-like flavor to it as I am sure its intentional, so there should be no problem for anyone finding its way around it, as everything is well organized and pleasant looking to boot.

Now that it is a public offering, it is time to put it to good use, so check it out.


Here is a video showing Microsoft Academic Search that was brought to my attention thanks to a comment in this post. The video focuses in the silverlight enhanced parts of the site. good stuff.



Microsoft Academic Research



Anonymous said...

http://bit.ly/hj00Wo has a video to show the features of Microsoft Academic Search.

Avatar X said...


Thanks a lot for pointing me to that video. i have now added it to the post.


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