10 January 2011

MyCoolDesktop: Desktop Icon Rearranger

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This one is really one of those apps that are a acquired taste. It is quirky and maybe a little bit corny for these times.  So if you find it a odd app, is because IT IS. But that is how it is supposed to be.

Taken from a mid  90’s Windows User practice (custom, if you will). From those days when Win 95 appeared and ravaged all the PC universe to a degree, where at one point it got to have up to 95-97% (depending on who you believe) of all PC marketshare. At a time right before Win 98 launch and Apple’s return from Zombieland. So, since there were no ways to have animated desktops, transformed Ui’s, proper desktop widgets or even high resolution anything yet. You instead, played with the color scheme of Windows, the color hue, the way your desktop icons looked and yes, how they were arranged. But if the very first thing you thought when you saw what this app was about, was instead of a certain YouTube Classic. well, I don’t blame you.

MyCoolDesktop is a Automatic Windows Desktop Icon Rearranger.  A quirky little app to rescue a arcane windows user custom that has been out of the spotlight for almost a decade. An app that can quickly apply a shape pattern arrangement to your desktop icons.



  • 27 different shapes grouped in 5 categories
  • save and restore multiple desktop layouts, save and load with 1-click
  • full control of your desktop layout :
    • set height and width of selected shape
    • set space between desktop icons
    • move your icons layout anywhere on the screen - includes auto-centering
    • increase/decrease the size of your shape
  • minimization to system tray
  • opening on system Start Up (starts with Windows)


The apps is completely free and it works in XP, Vista & 7.  And post installation it only requires to manually uncheck one setting so you can use it:

You have to Disable Align to Grid and Auto arrange for Desktop icons in order to let My Cool Desktop control your desktop items position :

  • For Windows XP users: Right click on Desktop, select Arrange by and uncheck Align to Grid and Auto arrange, if they are checked
  • For Windows Vista/7 users: Right click on Desktop, select View and uncheck Align to Grid and Auto arrange, if they are checked

If you want more shapes or patterns, you can buy a premium pack with 50 more of them for $5 bucks :

Basic shapes: 2 Circles Diagonal, 2 Circles Separated, 3-pointed star, 5-pointed star 2, 6-pointed star, Cross, Cross +, Cross V, Curved rhombus, Diagonal, Down, Half-circle, Heptagon, Merged squares, Shape 1, Smooth 3-pointed star, Swirl 2, Tripod, Up, Rectangle
Christmas: Bell, Christmas Tree, Christmas Tree 2, Snowflake
Nature: 2 Waves, 4-leaf clover, Butterfly, Fish, Flower 2, Flower 3, Flower 4, Leaf, Moon 2, Raindrop 2
Objects: 2 Stairs, Bulb, Car, Glasses, Guitar, Stairs, Spoon, Umbrella
Others: Alien, Forbidden, Heart 4, Peace Sign, Playboy Bunny, Reactive, Secure sign, Smile, Thunder

Or you can just use the 27 included patters that come with the app as it is, for free.

System requirements

  • IMPORTANT: At least 15 icons on desktop required, more than 25 recommended
  • Windows 2000/ME/XP/Vista or 7 operating systems
  • 400 Mhz processor
  • 64 MB of RAM
  • 5 MB of Disk Space
  • 1024 X 768 or higher resolution


MyCoolDesktop Info                            <— Homepage

MyCoolDesktop                                        <— Direct Download Link




Charnita F. said...

I'm gonna be trying this when I have time (after our big move today/tomorrow). I like all the different designs you can have :)

Avatar X said...


And did you tried it in the end?.

Charnita F. said...

@Avatar No I didn't. I just happened to find this post in my Pocket (Read it Later) list...... I still want to try it though. Don't know when I'll have the time now.


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