30 January 2011

Vista Drive Icon For XP Windows Explorer

Vista Drive Icon logo

If you are using Windows XP and you want to spice up your Windows Explorer just a little bit without the risk of making it unstable, adding Windows Vista styled Drive Icons should do the trick.

Vista Drive Icon is a easy and risk free to add a simple but nice little extra feature  to your XP Windows Explorer.  Installing it and forgetting about it, with it staying stable as it is a completely safe and proven tweak. A quick one minute download and install and your Drive Icons will look the part from then on.


If you for some reason don’t like it and want uninstall it, you can take it off even faster that you installed it, also without worry.


Vista Drive Icon                                  <—Info Page

Vista Drive Icon 1.4                    <—Direct Download Link




Anonymous said...

Windows 7 Drive icon for XP anyone??

Avatar X said...

@Anonymous: I see you point but the vista drive icon styling is a better fit for XP that the W7 drive icon.

But will check for one and post on it if i find one.


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