28 February 2011

64bit Checker: Know If Your PC Can Run A 64bit Windows OS

64bit Checker - 64bit Detection Screenshot

There is no doubt that a 64bit Windows OS is  better than one of 32bit for many reasons we will not get into here. But the problem is knowing for sure if your PC can support its installation or not. Windows 64bit rise started once Vista reached SP1, but with Windows 7 launch it finally reached the point where it could almost grasp for mainstream availability and usage. Last week release of Windows 7 SP1 should make that a reality this year, as its adoption accelerates even more thanks to that milestone.

64bit Checker  by igorware is a tiny (68kb) portable app that makes checking if your Windows PC got 64bit compatibility a breeze.  How much of a breeze? enough for me to tell you that it can be downloaded and used right away in 15 seconds.

For example, here below is a screenshot of it running in my Asus 1201n telling me that the machine does support and can run a 64bit OS if I so want to, while at the same time giving me the quick data of what I am running and what kind of processor it is running :

64bit Checker - 32bit detection screenshot

Beyond telling about the 64bit compatibility of your PC, the only other thing it does besides that,  is to generate a report snippet. That you can Copy to your clipboard, Save to a .TXT file or as a .HTML file.

64bit Checker - Report Panel Screenshot

A report from 64bit Checker  would read as the text that follows:

Your Windows is detected as 32bit (x86).

Name:        Windows 7 Home Premium
Version:    6.1.7601
Service Pack:    Service Pack 1
Type:        Multiprocessor Free
Install. Date:    Thursday, March 18, 2010
Processor:    Your CPU supports 64bit (x64) operating systems.



64bit Checker does what it says and does it well while being a zero friction app that is almost data weightless and runs instantly without any need of installation. Only observation of what could be better is if it could extract and offer more data about the system as a plus to what it does. Other than that, it is good as it is. Works on any Windows OS (desktop or server) from Win 95 up to Windows 7 SP1 and Windows Server 2008 R2


64bit Checker Info                                 <— Homepage

64bit Checker                                          <—Direct Download Link





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