10 February 2011

gbrainy Online Web Client

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Usually, when anyone talks about gbrainy they are referring to the Mono (Open .NET) based brain game app for the desktop. Now, it is just not a desktop game anymore.

gbrainy.com is the online web client version based on the gbrainy desktop game app. This web version of gbrainy runs not only in any desktop browser, but also in any smartphone level mobile browser too.

gbrainy online web client

gbrainy online offers a streamlined, start right away version of the original game. you still got the same 3 game categories than before (Logic Puzzles, Mental Calculation & Verbal Analogies) but they are served randomly in the same game session. You only need to choose the language (18 different languages) of the game session and click a button to start a new game.

gbriany online web client game session

gbrainy.com on Opera Mobile 10

The gbrainy online web client is all about the core game. no flash, no dazzle to be found on it. just the confidence you will be able to play a quick game session of it anywhere you feel like it, be it on a desktop or smartphone mobile browser. 


gbrainy online


via Jordi Mas


Click here if you were looking for gbrainy for windows.




Anonymous said...

Online client not working any more..

Avatar X said...


Thanks for lletting me know. will update the post.


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