28 February 2011

PicFog: Quick Image Search

PicFog logo

Someone suggested me to take a look at this twitter image search engine over E-mail.  Thing I found incredible after trying it,  since it  is actually pretty bad compared to Twicsy and horrendous when compared to Twipho or Hashalbum.  But I decided to post about it because to appreciate the good you have to experience the bad. And also so anyone thinks twice before mindlessly trying to push me a service or app that is nowhere near good or works in any way compared with similar services or apps.

PicFog.com Screenshot

PicFog is a Twitter focused image search engine. Claims to search and show images from Twitpic, yfrog, plixi and Twitgoo. Unfortunately based on the 30 different search queries I tried, either it was not working on the two different days I tried to use it. Or it just don’t works right anymore.  Not worth the time to tryout being there are way better alternatives.

PicFog wp7 image search showing a single result

              (a search showing one result when others show hundreds, something is certainly not right)


Beyond the fact it didn’t worked right the times I tried to use it, it also got this plain and boring design that don’t does it any favors either. Avoid for the moment, use Twicsy, Twipho or Hashalbum instead. But will give it the benefit of the doubt in the case it gets updated and manages to get any good.







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