28 February 2011

Twipho: Twitter Photo And Video Search Engine

twipho logo

By now I already have seen and used a dozen of Twitter focused image search engines. From that dozen i have even posted about 6 of them. From those, only 3 can be considered very good or even excellent in my opinion. Twipho is one of those three.

twipho.net screenshot

Twipho is a great Twitter focused photo and video search engine with a simple but great looking design and user experience.  It supports searching from Twitpic (photos and video), Twitvid (video), img.ly (photos) and yfrog  (photos and video). The most unique features are its translucent card-like match controls and floating filter  settings sidebar. Plus the fact it searches as you type and can search for photos taken or uploaded close to wherever you happen to be when doing a search.

twipho.net search query screenshot

The way I see Twipho is as a direct evolution in experience of Twicsy. from the fact it is a straightforward search engine, to the kind of base design and layout both use.

twipho.net query results hover controls screenshot

Twipho search results are very good as it concentrates in giving you the 100 most recent relevant search result matches to any query.  But also lets you tweak how you do the search query by specifying the numbers of results you want, what Twitter Photo or Video Host to search and to also reduce duplicated results by filtering RTed photo matches. All of this in a floating filters settings sidebar.

The search result matches displays (when cursor hovered) a card-like controls that contain the twitter username of the sharer, tweet text,  time mark, point of origin (app and host)  and proper links (tweet link, photo/video link and RTing link)

When you  activate Twipho “photos near me” in the search form, it will search for results based on your location also asking you to confirm the location it detects you to be in or specify yourself the location manually if it is not the right one.

Finally also worth mentioning is that video results are aggregated to the bulk of results when you do any query. These video results of course only come from Twitpic and Twitvid.

Twipho is simply great. Totally recommended and worth your time to use it. 






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