21 March 2011

Brief.ly: A Great Burst Linking Online Tool

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Burst Linking is  a concept that always attracted my attention from the times it was only possible via a desktop tool running in Windows 95 (circa 1997 . Now the concept is being used along with Shorturl sharing as a web app, which makes this old concept fresh once again.

brief.ly site screenshot

Brief.ly is a great free burst linking online tool, that allows you to share multiple links in a single shorturl link. Going also beyond what other similar online tools did by giving you a better landing page for your pack of links with free analytics and even multiple shorturl providers for you to choose from.


  • Link editing
  • Link re-routing any time, any place
  • Share many web pages at once
  • Instant switching between the shared sites
  • A dozen of catchy and short URLs to choose from
  • Conversion into a blog or a private site any time, either way

Previously, I had posted about BridgeURL, which was to my knowledge (at the time I posted on it) the best online burst linker tool around. With only a really big flaw: the shorturl it gave you linked to a website viewer first instead of linking to a landing page with the pack of links you had shared. Which struck me as odd as it goes against the purpose of burst linking.



Brief.ly don’t does that and gets it right by giving you several shorturl providers to choose from and linking  you first to a landing page with the pack of links you shared as it should be! Secondary to that come the iframe based website viewers, they also give you and even the need of you having to be registered to the service.  You don’t have to be registered to use brief.ly. But if you do register, they give you some simple analytics for the links you are sharing as an extra.  You can join brief.ly by registering a account or by logging in with Facebook. The choice is put at your discretion.  I personally recommend registering an account. It is a really great online tool for sharing multiple links in one go, the best one yet.


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М. К. said...

A propos, the service is now updated, works much nicer with better look-and-feel, and if you run a Wordpress site, you can also automatically bundle all your rereferences with this plugin: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/links2tabs/ which is part of Briefly service.

Avatar X said...

@M.K: Ok, then it is time for either a post update or a follow-up depending how big the changes are. Will look it up.

Thanks for the heads up.


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