15 March 2011

Ding It’s Up: Get Notified If Your Website Goes Down

DingItsUp.com screenshot

Ding It’s Up is a FREE website downtime monitor online service. That can alert you if your website or any of your favorite websites goes down via Email, SMS (USA only) and Twitter.

Load up the site, fill the form at the site and then click on the “kthnx” to start using it. You also get a link to cancel if you no longer want to monitor the website uptime.  And that is it.

The only caveat about the service is that you will not know if it actually works for you, until the site you put on lookout goes down. But given it is a free and hands off service you only need to setup once,  there is nothing to lose, so there is no danger in using it. However if you don’t trust it with your number or E-mail. you can limit it to only send you a tweet or e-mail but via a alias.

This is also a service that somewhat replaces the now defunct Hootmonitor.


Ding It’s Up




Administrator said...

A similar service is Content Site Monitor (http://www.contentsitemonitor.com). It monitors content/keywords that you specify and sends you alert emails when the content is missing or when the site goes down. It's free to sign up as well!


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