28 March 2011

FilesBay: A Torrent Search Engine

FilesBay Torrent Search Logo

Prior to this post, I had avoided posting about Torrent Search Engines. But in the past months I have been getting requests from readers that I should post about them if I happen to find any good one enough.  So what the hell, I will start covering them too.


FilesBay is a Torrent Search Engine that takes a bit on the model and look of online hosted file search engines.  Filesbay in particular concentrates in a clear and easy to follow layout and in offering torrent searching by categories. 

FilesBay search categories filter are:

  • Audio
  • Video
  • Applications
  • Games
  • Other

FilesBay take on bringing a Torrent Search Site in the vein and style of a Online Hosted File Search Engine, got more clear to me when I saw that they were the same team behind Filester. A file search engine for which they also offer a alternative look to it under the FilesBay brand. A brand name that is obviously scraping off its familiarity and brand cred from the famous and infamous PirateBay.  But the result is simply a good and clear Torrent Search Engine.

I do must state that the way you use it and the content you download while using it falls under your own judgment and responsibility. By clicking in the link in this post, i consider you aware of that very fact.






FilesBay said...

Thank you for review! =)

Avatar X said...


Glad you liked, let me know if it gets any meaningful update.


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