10 March 2011

FilesBoox: Now A Quick Online File Sharing Service

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Previously, FilesBoox was a File Search Engine based on FilesPump. But looks like it faced either some pressure or a change of heart and now the service has reinvented itself by jumping in the mirror, while at the same time conserving its name and domain.

FilesBoox.com screenshot

FilesBoox is a quick file sharing and hosting online service. With it you can share any kind of file of any size for quick online delivery. There is no leaderboard of recently shared files or anything like that, so you can either share the file publicly or privately. It is at your own discretion. 

Now, given that the site got not F.A.Q or Guide, that usually means the service comes without any promise of a fixed timeframe for the hosting of the files you upload. When that is the case, you have to think in common terms of use of file hosting. That means knowing your file can  be hosted anywhere from 24hrs to a month without any real way of knowing what is the criteria for a file to last the less possible or the longest possible. I recommend to use it only for non-critical, non-important files you want to share for a brief period of time publicly or  intent to easily deliver to one or more individual in quickly manner. If later on FilesBoox gets a F.A.Q or guide, I will update this post accordingly. In the meantime please consider my advice as guide of use.


Just load the site and you will see a Browse Files button. Click it and a Windows Explorer dialog will pop up, select the file you want to share and then click Open.


After you click Open, you will instantly see a upload progress bar that will show you the name of the file you are sharing, its data weight and the % uploaded. If you need to cancel, just click the red x button to abort the upload.


Once your file has finished uploading, a window frame will appear showing the Direct Download Link for the file you have just share along with a HTML and Forum code with that link for quick copy-pasting use. Finally, it will also show you a remove link in case you need or want to have the file erased.  Now you got what you need to share your file.

Quick, Simple and Easy.

FilesBoox makes for a good uncomplicated online file sharer and temporary file host.

Given the ease of use and size of the usable site. FilesBoox also makes for a good candidate to be used as a SSB app, if you want to consider that option, I recommend you to use Bubbles for that end.







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