05 March 2011

FlashCards.Show: A WPF Based Educational Kids Game App

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Ok, this one is pretty much only for those that either got a little kid (7yrs old or less) or happen to like and hunt for WPF based (.NET fans) apps.  In my case I got a little nephew constantly around and I do like to hunt for .NET based apps, so since I had both reasons, I decided to post about this little App.

FlashCards.Show is a ClickOnce enabled, WPF based educational kids game app focused in flashcard  styled games designed by IdentityMine. Made for Microsoft to be used as a fleshed out illustrative example of a App that went from being a WPF desktop app to a Silverlight based one for WP7 and how the same app can be faithfully transitioned to different mediums. But since it was so fleshed out, I decided that it should not just be used by those doing tech demos at Microsoft, but by anyone that would want it.

FlashCards.Show Screenshot

FlashCards.Show comes with 3 different Card Deck classes: Alphabet, Animals and Flowers.  In turn each Card Deck class got 3 different kinds of game: Leaning, Matching and Memory.


FlashCards.Show Learning Game Screenshot

The learning games will show a card a time and if clicked, the card will turn showing the name of what the card is showing. Plus to that it will also show a play button with the audio of the correct pronunciation of the name of what was shown by that card.


FlashCards.Show Matching Game Screenshot

The matching games will show a wall of shown cards separated by demonstrative cards and name cards. Matching a demonstrative card to the name card will make both disappear and that will be marked as a correct match. 

Example: White Puppy Photo with the word Puppy


FlashCards.Show Memory Game Screenshot

The memory games will show a wall of unshown cards. Clicking or touching one card will show either a demonstrative or name card for 5 seconds and will turn around if left untouched or if  a match is not made with another card.  A memory match should then consist of a demonstrative card and a name card. If the match is made,  both cards will disappear and that will be considered a correct match.


A simple, well designed and free educational game app for kids easy to enjoy. Only drawback about it is that you truly wish it had a lot more card decks and more games. But given the price and the easy 3 clicks install, there is really no much to complain about.  App works in XP, Vista and 7.


FlashCards.Show                         <—Direct Install Link


via Yochay Kiriaty at Channel9





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