17 March 2011

Full Text RSS Feed Builder

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Some websites and blogs offer intentionally only cut-up feeds in order to make to you click to their sites and make you leave the confines of your favorite feed reader. A practice I personally dislike and disagree as you can easily check from Appatic’s own feed. For that reason I want to offer all of you that happen to agree with me a way to convert cut-up/truncated/limited feeds into full feeds.

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Full Text RSS Feed Builder is a free online service that does exactly what its self-explanatory name implies. It allows you to input any cut-up/limited/truncated feed that only offers a little part of a blog post instead of the full content, and convert into a Full Text RSS Feed.


  • fast-fetching
  • completely free
  • full text of truncated feeds
  • no ads
  • constantly updated
  • works with your reader,
    autoblogger or kindle


Once you have converted your truncated/limited/cut-up feed, you get a instant preview of how your converted feed will read along with the link for it. Fast & Easy.

This is not the first time I tell you about a service like this, before I had posted about WizardRSS and FullFeeds. But Full Text RSS Feed Builder just seems a better option right now. WizardRSS was recently updated but not upgraded. And FullFeeds looks to be now down all the time, maybe even for good.  For those reasons I thought that Full Text RSS Feed Builder was worth a post of its own since it resulted better and multiples choices are always good even if for the same kind of services.  Check it as it well worth a bookmark if you are a feed reader user.


Full Text RSS Feed Builder




Anonymous said...


unfortunately, fullfeeds.org is down. http://fulltextrssfeed.com is limited to only 5 articles while http://www.wizardrss.com is limited to only one article.

has anyone a better link to share?


Avatar X said...


Will look into it. Thanks for the comment.

Anonymous said...


I got 10 Feeds


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