09 March 2011

IsUp.tk: Check Whether Ur Website Iz Down Or Up

isup.tk logo icon

IsUp.tk is a simple and utilitarian online website uptime checker.  It is just does what it said it is going to do and nothing else.  Works as a good alternative to downforeveryoneorjustme as they are on the same page in style and on just offering a service without any thrills or frills.

isup.tk screenshot

You just load the website and all there will be is a one input form. Add the address url you want check if it is up and click “check”.  It then will instantly show you if it is down or up without even reloading the page.


If you want something a lot more featured, then check out DownOrNot 






Anonymous said...

pretty fast.. i'm gonna replace downforeveryoneorjustme with this now..

ty for the share!!

Avatar X said...

@Anonymous: No problem. Glad you liked it.


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