22 March 2011

Marklets: A Bookmarklet Search Engine

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Before there were proper browser add-ons, there were Bookmarklets. These allow you to perform a function you would usually use a browser extension or userscript for.  And they are named bookmarklets, because they can be saved in the same way as a simple bookmark, while at the same time they are not bookmarks at all. In order to use them you need to click them in the same way you would click any other bookmark. Usually best to access them from the favorites bar or Bookmarks toolbar in your preferred  browser for a improved convenience.

marklets.com site screenshot

Marklets is a simple bookmarklet search engine and index, from where you can search for all kinds of these smart bookmarks, as the marklets site aptly calls them.

Right now there are 99 bookmarklets, but the number should be able able to grow well beyond that as anyone can add a bookmarklet to the site or rank the existing ones. Site is well structured, while sparsely designed in order to make the ads in the site a bit more effective from what I can gather. Not really a bother just a make the site a bit uneven.

So what kind of functions can you get by using bookmarklets? Anything from a one click link capture twitter share to a one click website element remover for a easier website screenshot capture, etc, etc.

Bookmarklets are a good way to not having to install unnecessary browser-addons and easy to use and share because they will work in pretty much any browser. Marklets makes for a easier way to get them.


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via Andrea Tavazzani




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