10 April 2011

GBoost: One Click PC Gaming Performance Booster

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GBoost is a free PC Gaming performance booster app by GZero that saves the current state of your Windows OS and then deactivates all the processes, services, OS skinning and visual effects. All with the click of a button. This, so you can squeeze out as much PC Gaming performance and efficiency you can out of your Windows PC or Laptop, in order to reduce lag and frame rate drops as much as possible. Giving you a more enjoyable and smoother game session. Once you are done,  another click and you are back on your usual Windows OS experience with all the processes, services, OS skinning and visual effects fully restored.


  • - 100% FREE
  • - 100% SAFE
  • - Simple to use - 1 click Boost
  • - No Permanent changes
  • - No Overclocking
  • - Smoother game play
  • - Noticeable Results
  • - No interruptions
  • - Reduces Lag
  • - Enhance PC’s
  • - More stability for your games

GBoost not only does what it does in a very easy way, it does so in a visual and clear way by showing you a gauge meter for the state of your PC before and after boosting. This way you can know how much you actually gained in performance according to GBoost. The actual minimum possible you can gain no matter if you are on a Netbook or Old PC is 50% and the best you can gain is 100%. That means doubling your PC gaming performance. All without permanent changes or damaging your Windows OS install configuration. Win-Win all around.

Installation & Usage Walkthrough

1.- Once you have installed GBoost and you have authorized it to run, you will note the app will check for a update, and if a update is found, this update will be instantly installed before you can use it. This maintains the app in a good working order and takes away any extra monitoring from you, as it updates automatically.

Gboost Autoupdate screenshot

2.- After the GBoost Update check, you will receive a warning notification that alerts you of saving any important work you may have open before using it. Remember it is a One-Click and Go app, so if you don’t save your work, there is a risk of losing progress on whatever you had open at the time.  Once you have saved and closed anything that may have needed to be saved or closed, you can click the Ok button or the “Don’t Show this again” button if you have used GBoost more than once already and don’t want to see this warning again.


3.- Now you should see the GBoost app window right in the center of your screen with the GBoost Gauge meter and the 4 OS PC stats indicators.  One click and you will see it move and change to green while it deactivates anything that needs to be deactivating in your Windows OS.

GBoost screenshot

4.- If you have already clicked the GBoost Gauge Meter button, you should already be seeing your Windows OS going into basic mode and both the GBoost Gauge Metter now changed to green, showing how much you gained in performance and the stats indicators telling you how many processes and services were closed compared to before you clicked the “Press to Boost” button in the GBoost Gauge Metter. Now you can launch up your games and enjoy the benefits.


5.- As you finish your Gaming Session, just click the “Press to Restore” button in the GBoost Gauge Meter and in less that 30 seconds you will be back to the state your Windows OS was before you used GBoost. To completely close Gboost, you will need to right-click on the GBoost icon in the Windows System Tray.

Some Notes

GBoost is a great app for PC Gamers as will allow to get as much performance as possible while playing games or doing CPU/GPU intensive tasks like converting video. And as a secondary use, if you are in a netbook or laptop you can use it as a way to boost your battery life. Result should vary, but you can expect battery life gains of anywhere from 15 to 35%. Certainly an app to keep around installed in your Windows PC or Laptop. Totally recommended. Works in Windows XP, Vista and 7 in both 32 or 64 bits versions.


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