09 May 2011

All Of MIX11 Content Now Freely Available For Web, Desktop Or Mobile Consume

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One of those events that for some reason slipped my mind to post about here on Appatic was MIX11 back when it took place during April 12 to 14. Thing I wish had not been the case because it really was amazing to watch live online via the SL4 video player. It had the very best smooth streaming quality up to now. And it not only adjusted the streaming to the capacity of the broadband line available, but it also was smart enough to differentiate when you were watching it full-screen to then and only then offer you the best possible quality as a way to save bandwidth and because of scaling common sense. Then you had the video quality could go from 240p to 720p dynamically based on your connection to seriously diminish  the chances of the video feed stopping to buffer or  just drop during the live broadcast. But you usually only would see variation in the stream if you were on a flaky or not fast enough broadband connection. I for example saw no variations,buffer stops or drops in my live stream.

But you don’t have to take my word for it as all the SL4 Video Players, for all the keynotes and sessions have that functionality right now too.  However, if you prefer to not watch any of it online via your desktop browser, you can also watch the content up to HD (1080p) via WMP or whatever your desktop video player happens to be in your desktop. Or via any mobile device as the MIX11 website got all the content in the following formats apart from offering you the in-site SL4 video player:

  • WMV HD (1080p)
  • MP4 High
  • WMV "Medium"
  • MP4 “Medium”
  • WMA

And just last week, The MIX11 website gave the following numbers on what all the content from the MIX11 event at the site translates to in Gigabytes:

  • WMV HD (1080p)    128,410,475,374
  • MP4 High                     67,651,541,974
  • WMV "Medium"       47,659,255,467
  • MP4 Device                31,823,782,765
  • MP3                                 1,542,707,911

            Total Media              277,087,763,491

Given they missed counting WMA, that should take the total around to an approximate of 279gb of video and audio data. All there to watch or sift through if so it entices you. There is a hell of a lot of info about WP7, IE9, Silverlight, HTML5, etc, etc and all of its future from the Microsoft view via their product offerings and product strategy.

Finally, the reason why I still dare to do this post even if a bit late. Is because I still see a lot of blogs pushing posts sputtering info as rumor or news based on info from the MIX11 keynotes or MIX11 sessions that is therefore already official or known.  So, since all the data is there ready to consume in many ways direct from the source, I thought that for that reason, it was well worth a reminder post.



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