19 May 2011

dudmail: Free Disposable Email Accounts With E-mail Forwarding

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I had posted about a good free disposable email provider before like in the case of the prank styled ShadyMail. And I also had posted about  a good free email forwarder too in the case of Tempalias. But never about a service that did both things right at the same time for free.


dudmail is two different services in one . It is a Free Disposable Email account provider and It is also a Free Email Forwarding service.  The novelty is that you can generate Disposable  Email Accounts without even registering and if you decide to register, then you also get the email forwarding feature.

In the case you only want to generate Disposable Email accounts with dudmail, you can do so by just thinking one up and then checking the inbox for the account you just thought up at:


Just like that. No registering needed, hell you don’t even need to have a look at the dudmail homepage if you don’t want to either. The catch here is that these disposable email accounts work as public, but not publicized email inboxes.  Which should not be a problem since the only way someone would be able to read the email you get in your disposable email inboxes, would be if you had shared the name of your account or if someone had came up with the same inbox name as you for a dudmail inbox. 

So the risk is very low, but I don’t mind stating that you should not use these accounts as actual personal or work email accounts.

A extra perk of the disposable email accounts being just anonymous open inboxes in a webpage is that they also offer you easy to use rss feeds for your disposable email accounts. This way you can add the feed to any feed reader or as a live bookmark if you happen to use Firefox.  All generated feeds also come from a clear url just like the ones from the actual dudmail inboxes:


All of this without even having to register. But if you do register, you also get the ability to forward the e-mails to your actual personal email account and the option to make your generated disposable email accounts at dudmail private too . Finally, you also get to choose from 3 domain terminations for your disposable email accounts:

1.- dudmail.com



Any of these domains work the same way as described in this post just as dudmail. All email logs and contents are only held for 14 days along with attachments. 

Dudmail is really a great online service. Works well, got good features and incredibly is not only completely free but so far  also ad free. Which is very impressive.  Totally recommended.







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