26 May 2011

Let’s Name: Online Name Ideas Generator With Integrated Domain Checker

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Coming up with names is a knack. You either have it or not. Most don’t so that is also why you see all kind of crazy startups names so often.  Any help should be welcomed in that regard then if you happen struggle naming things.

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Let’s Name is a online Name Ideas Generator with a integrated Instant Domain Checker that can give you a random set of names. Names that are offered based on two  main criteria: 1.- Domain Availability, 2.-Word popularity on Google searches.

This way you get word suggestions that will have at least one of the two top domain terminations (.com and .net) available and that are contextually somewhat relevant based on Google search results.  The name ideas generator is the main feature, but you can also check any name you want word by word in the integrated instant domain checker in the site. Instant as in you only have write the word and it will check and tell you about its domain availability, Google popularity and twitter username availability without even having to click enter once or the page having to fully refresh.

Let’s Name makes for a easy and free way to kickstart  a name ideas brainstorming session on your own while also being able to instantly know if the names you came up with have a good domain available to them and if they are any popular contextually to Google searches.


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