23 May 2011

New Options At Appatic

Appatic.com Logo

I finally have added some pages to Appatic. The pages just added are:


The official statement to what Appatic is and also what are the principles of the blog. That means it should be able to serve as a explanation to why the blog is the way it is.

Submit Your App

If you got a app, represent a app or just want to recommend a app that I have yet to write about, now you can do so just by filling out a simple form. I of course don’t give you any promises. But some of you wrote me about having a way to submit a app to me without having to go out of your way and find my E-mail and now there you have it.


Got any question or feedback about the blog? You want to tell me something anonymously without any repercussion? Now there is a form for you to do just  that.


I am going to be offering 100x100 Ad Squares here in Appatic. So if you want a option to support this blog. Please inquire about it using that page.  Ad prices are for a month and for the first few months, I will be offering a special price for ads that rent the space for 3 months.


If you got any suggestion or demand, then you can also leave a comment in this post. Otherwise use the Contact page.



Gwen Sutton said...

This is great!

Charnita F. said...

Congrats on moving forward with Appatic. Wishing you the best of luck as always.

Avatar X said...

@Gwen Sutton & @Chacha Fance

Thanks for the comment friends. :)


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