03 May 2011

Pen.io: Simple Online Publishing

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One of the big trends in online blogging services and online web publishing services in general for the past 3 years has been CMS (content management system) or WPS (Web Publishing System) services becoming simpler, easier and minimalistic.  This tred was leaded by Tumblr and taken to the extreme by services like Posterous and Soup.io on the CMS/Blogging side.  On the WPS side it has been more about services that let you quickly build your web page a la carte as fast as possible like jimdo or even stribe. But now I think that pen.io got to be the very extreme of that approach of going for simpler, easier and minimalistic for when it comes to Web publishing systems.

pen.io site screenshot

Pen.io is a simple, easy and minimalistic online web publishing system that is focused around letting you create text driven web pages. That can be created, edited, published and shared to the whole world in less than a minute. 

To start using this service you just need to input the name of your web page and input a password for that web page and then clicking on the “create the page” button directly in blank web form at  the site homepage.  Nothing to explain or read beyond that for you to start. Fast and easy.


Once you have created your page, you will see in your browser address bar that you got a pen.io domain for your web page based on the page name you chose.  The pen.io domain should then read as http://name.pen.io.

And in that same domain you will note there is pre-filled web page with text. This is pre-filled because of 3 reasons:

1.-It serves as a demo of how a pen.io web page will first look.

2.- It serves as your pen.io user tutorial.


Finally as you then learn from the tutorial this web page is pre-filled with,

3.-It also happens to serve as your dashboard.

Now, you only need to click in the title body or text body to reveal the form you will need to use in order to edit your pen.io web page. And that is really it. You now know everything you could possibly need to know about what pen.io is and how to use it.

Personally, the only reason I would use or recommend pen.io is because it is really the simplest way to create a personal web based journal, a one time use online project or a web page for  any kind of scenario that you think setting up a blogger blog would be a overkill for.

But if you need some more convincing, you can also check out what pen.io considers good usage examples of pen.io in action at

Pen.io Top Pages






Anonymous said...

I just used it, fail. what a freaking waste of time and space on the internet. Can someone please mop up all these bad ideas? Google?

Avatar X said...


Ouch, guess you really hated it or it didn't worked like you wanted it.

I test everything said...

Well, I've used it, and found it is a great tool, very simple, clean and elegant. And it works just fine with images, links and videos, too.

It has a purpose, NOT a bad idea at all.

Avatar X said...

@i test everything:

It is indeed a nice tool.


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