27 July 2011

SkyDrive Links Now Resolving Normally Again

SkyDrive Logo Icon

For about a week, the links on posts done here in Appatic with files hosted on SkyDrive were not resolving and just showing an error page.  Thanks to reader Sameer Kunesh for the heads up.  As I was about to change all the links to the new hashbang URL the new Skydrive (wave 5) is using, the links seem to have started working again.

I have checked them in 5 browsers and in both XP and 7. But if you still see any post with files hosted in skydrive that are not resolving, please leave a comment here and let me know. For any other kind of issue in Appatic or general question, you can always use the contact form.

In any way, I will be adding the hashbang url as a backup link access in every new post that requires it and to the old posts too this week.

-Avatar X



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