10 August 2011

AeroBlend: Desktop Wallpaper Windows Aero Color Automatic Matcher

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While Windows Vista was the Windows OS that finally brought in Windows Aero to the world. Windows 7 was the one that actually popularized it and made it mainstream. Thanks to the fact, that now more times than not, it is the default look of Windows 7 and also because of the out-of-the-box customization present in the OS.

Since in Windows 7 is actually quite easy to create your own personalized Windows 7 Theme with a custom Aero Color.  But one thing that Windows 7 certainly don’t does on its own, is adjusting the Aero Color every time you change a wallpaper. You have to do that yourself.

 AeroBlend in action gif

AeroBlend from Carthago is a super nifty and swift Windows 7 only app that automatically changes the Windows Aero Color to match the dominant color of your desktop wallpaper.  No more need of you doing it yourself, as AeroBlend will do it for you everytime.

Charthago describes its function like this:

AeroBlend uses a quick algorithm to obtain the average color of the wallpaper or icon or window content. Color Intensity can be customized, as well as other options.

To answer how that process looks like, The photo Gif in this post should suffice  to answer that handily.

Only requirements for this App is that you need Windows 7 and to have Windows Aero running before installing it, meaning that Windows Aero Mode has to be your default Windows OS graphic appearance for it to work.  Then you can enjoy seeing it do its thing along any Windows 7 Theme or manual Wallpaper change you do.  If you happen to change your Wallpaper on a daily basis or got a Wallpaper rotation (changing every hour or every amount of hrs), then it is very recommended to have it set to start with Windows 7.  Something you can set up as you first install it.  No need to worry about the memory consume of the app, As AeroBlend in my testing only consumed from 1mb to 3mb of ram while running. 


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jeanjean194165@gmail.com said...

bonjour et bienvenu,a toute et a tous

Anonymous said...

here is a nice simple tool for windows 7 management lot more options
changing aero color automatically with wallpaper is the most interesting one

Avatar X said...


Thanks for your suggested app. Will be checking it out.


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