01 August 2011

GinoPlayer: Free Music Streamer And Downloader

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Because having new options for free music streaming or free music downloading are always a good thing.  I present you yet another one.  And in this case it can both stream and download songs.

GinoPlayer is a very simple music streamer and downloader for your desktop. With it, you can search for a  song, and then stream it or download it with the click of a button, just 1 second after you found it.  All for free.

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If that sounds just too good to be true is because it is. There is 3 big catches about this tool:

1.- Don’t Expect to find everything you search for.

2.-Don’t expect that all songs will be available to stream or to download.

3.-There is no support for the app. As it is offered as it is.

While GinoPlayer don’t offers any explanations or actual promises. It does advertises as having 40 million tracks. Which is true, just that it also counts duplicated source for a song.  That translates to unknown number of unique songs, other than knowing that it must be over 2 million out of common sense. 

How can it be free?

Because of the way it works. What GinoPlayer does is actually using a custom Google (more than likely) search engine that has a way to do a advance queries for content on across the internet + whatever domains they have specifically added themselves, based on you just using common song/band queries.

Once a hit is made the app fishes the file source link. with it, is how you then can click a button a play or download the song.  

It is also a free app because it of how the app is distributed and because the installer contains ads.

It is legal?

Yes, unless proved otherwise.

What does that mean? well, because of the way it works being obfuscated  to the user and the sources also being a question mark. Who knows in what terms the actual file you are streaming was or was not licensed? Exactly.


One of the simplest, non browser dependent ways to stream music with the option to download for free you can use. Comes with a few caveats, but since it is free and the app experience don’t includes ads. There is really much to complain. Making it a matter on if you like to use the app or not. Something that will require of you to try it and decide for yourself.  In my opinion, it is worth a try to find if it works for you.

Works in XP, Vista and 7.


GinoPlayer                                                              <—Homepage

Download GinoPlayer                                <—Direct Download Link




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