16 August 2011

Google’s Android Press Release Generator


The news of Google acquiring Motorola Mobility was a shocker for everyone covering or following Technology. Something evident also in my case as I even decided to cover that here in Appatic.  But there was another bit that made me do a double-take in disbelief. And that was Google’s “Quotes from Android partners” website page. Why? Because it was so full of sameness and canned quotes that read back as if a Google PR Algorithm Bot had wrote them.  I mean, Google now got all kinds of content related bots like that, so maybe they did one for Automatic PR responses?.

Still don’t believe me? Have a look at the site in question from the link in this post or just look at the screenshot below this sentence to see what I mean:



Uncanny similarities right? But it is results that it was not a Google PR Bot that wrote this. Google gently  went above and beyond to inspire their esteemed Android Partners with a online Android Press Release Generator thoughtfully built*. That when you visit it, looks like in the screenshot below:


It don’t shows from the screenshot, but when you get to visit the website, it becomes very clear that it comes with many words options in it.  Is just that most of Google’s esteemed Android Partners went extremely lazy with it.  So it was NOT Google’s Fault as you will see, In any way. But  don’t take my word for it and visit the site so you can see it for yourselves.


Google’s Android Press Release Generator



*No, Google didn’t built it, someone did it as a joke to point out how canned and fake the android partners statement quotes looked at Google’s “Quotes from Android Partners” Page. I just played this as a sarcastically serious post because I think that makes it a bit funnier*



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