28 August 2011

How could HP be so stupid?

Originally a Guest Post, then for some reason remarked as "Reader Commentary" 6 hrs later. This  cropped screenshot links to a full screenshot of the original version of the post. Click to load it.

Originally a Google Plus post note the very day the news happened. Then a re-edited guest post (Later re-edited yet again) at Betanews.com. All about the news over a week ago of HP saying they wanted to spin off their  40 Billion PC business, Become another kind of company all together and Announcing they would be discontinuing  WebOS devices. Which they did in what turned to be one of the craziest bargain hunting fire sales days in the history of gadgets.

So, give it a look if you please.  


In the comments at this post I said I would be writing a continuation of it. If that continuation post don’t gets approved for Betanews. Then expect to see it here in Appatic instead.

At the time I wrote the original post. I remember thinking I was been harsh yet at the same time holding myself back. You know who didn’t held back and pretty much also said what I said while extending on it in scope?

Al Lewis at The Wall Street Journal, who did a piece called H-P’s One-Year Plan:


Now, THAT is harsh and not holding back. I salute you Al, I really do.




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