01 August 2011

ICOconverter: Free Online Image To ICO Converter

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There a huge lot of free online ICO converters out there. The problem is that most no longer work or work horribly.

Icoconverter.com screenshot

ICOconverter.com is a online image to .ICO (Favicon) converter that does work.  You just load the site, fill the form, click convert and you are done. One second or three after you click “Convert” it will bring up a download file dialog for your .ICO file.

Unfortunately, because it uses this “execute & prompt” process. It will not work with IE8 or IE9 as it blocks that, resulting in a redirection that does not get you the converted file.  At least I tried it out in XP and 7 on both IE8 and IE9 and it just didn’t worked in either.  But I can confirm that it indeed worked in Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Safari in both XP and 7.  So, if you use IE as you main browser (as half of Appatic.com readers seem to do), then you will need to use your secondary browser for it.  If you on the other hand use other browser, then continue as usual.


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