15 August 2011

Mailnesia: Free Anonymous Email Inbox Provider

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There is no shortage of Free Anonymous/Disposable Email Inbox Providers. Just that in reality few are any good . Previously, I have posted about two really good ones like Shadymail  and dudmail. But as good as these two are. There were some advanced features that I wish they had. Features that Mailnesia got.

Mailnesia.com screenshot

Mailnesia is a Free Anonymous/Disposable Email Inbox Provider. That allows you to receive email without needing an account registration. But that also offers some advanced features other services like it don’t have as Full HTML Email Support and Automatic Registration Link Clicking for Registration Confirmation Emails.

This means that with Mailnesia you can receive the same kind of emails you would be able to get in Hotmail or Gmail. And that it can also automatically click registration links in email received to confirm a registration in a web service or web app.  But that is not all, as it also got all the other features of other comparable services like dudmail.


Automatically clicks on registration links!
If the message contains activation/registration links to other sites, they will be automatically visited in the background without any user action. This is most useful for registrations or subscriptions on websites where you must click on an activation link in the message to complete your registration. This will be done without any user intervention, even without you reading this message!
Alternate domain names!
Other domain names are available too, in addition to @mailnesia.com . One such name is vipmailonly.info. Of course the domain name has no effect on the delivery, only the mailbox name. So all mail sent to bob@mailnesia.com andbob@vipmailonly.info can be read in bob's inbox. Expect more names in the future.
You can use your own domain name too! Just point the MX record to mailnesia.com, or the MXE record to, setting MX PREF and TTL to something like 10 and 1800.
Or if you rather not spend $2.99 on an info domain for a year, there are also free DNS services like http://www.dyndns.com.
HTML support!
HTML formatted emails are fully supported, with a few exceptions like Javascript.
Multiple text encodings!
Many encodings are supported, like unicode (UTF-8), Western/Latin/Central European (ISO-8859-1/2), Chinese, Japanese, Korean etc.
Multipart messages (MIME multipart)!
Messages made of different parts (HTML, text, attachments) are supported, displaying all parts with their type noted, one after another. However, only text parts are used, any other type gets ignored (images, files etc.). Images linked from other servers will be displayed.
RSS channel for every mailbox!
If you would like to be informed when a new message arrives, click on the RSS button on the desired mailbox page. This way you can convert an email newsletter into an RSS feed! (email to RSS)
Assignable alias for every mailbox
If you don't want anybody reading your mail, set an alias for your mailbox. You hand out the alias, and accessing the messages is only possible from the original mailbox, not from the alias!
If you open a mailbox with no messages, you can assign an alias for that mailbox. You can set any name you want, as long as the alias is an empty mailbox too. This is because if you could use a non-empty mailbox as an alias, that would mean redirecting all mail from that mailbox to yours, thereby the original user losing his/her mailbox. Of course you cannot use a name which is already an assigned alias, and the naming restrictions also apply (see @ end of page).
For example let's say you assign the alias nudac6 to the mailbox magnic!
If somebody opens nudac6, there will be an error message stating this is an alias, sending mail here is redirected elsewhere, and no email messages can be viewed here. And at magnic will be a reminder saying the assigned alias is nudac6.
Changing an alias is not possible. However, empty mailboxes get their alias reset once a day, and a new alias assignment can be made.
Receive only
No email sending at this time.
Message size
The size of a message can be 250 kilobytes at most. Parts exceeding this value will not be accessible.
Deleting messages
Messages are automatically deleted in two months. There is currently no way to manually delete a message, but there may be such feature in the future.
Mailbox naming
The name of mailboxes (and aliases) cannot be longer than 30 characters, and can only contain letters [a-z], numbers [0-9], dash, dot, underscore and plus [-._+].

The only feature not present that Dudmail does have would be Full Email forwarding (Attachments), other than that Mailnesia got everything you could possibly want in a service like this. And if you don’t happen to need any Email Forwarding, then it would also be your best choice possible, that I had found of so far.

A really good service, all for free and without any ads so far.  Totally recommended.







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