01 August 2011

Notevee: Instantly Shareable Disposable Online Post Notes

Notevee logo

Disposable Online Post Notes are not a new concept at all, as I remember services like these going back as far as 1995.  Back then they were more like disposable journals or bulletins, as the options you had to share them and the people around to see them were limited.  Now on the other hand, things are completely different on that regard.


Notevee is a  service for instantly shareable disposable online post notes that you can use for polls, discussions or simply to put your thoughts online. The Notevee post notes work just the page in a Blog works.  They got clear urls (notevee.com/yournote), they have share buttons (twitter, facebook, G+ and linkedin) And people can easily and freely comments on them.

To add a new post note, you only need to first add a title and then some tags to mark what your note is about.  Then it is up you put your post note content that can be composed of text plus links and photos. After that, a simple click and your post note is up at the site ready to be seen and be shared. 

notevee.com post note screenshot

But more importantly, is that you can use Notevee without an account or you can connect a post note with your Twitter or Facebook account. It is up to you.  Same for whoever that comments in a post note. They  can comment anonymously or they can link their comments to their Facebook or Twitter accounts.

Notevee is actually a cool service, one that states is in Beta. Personally hoping that means that the design of the site is also in Beta, as the only real negatives are that it is plain and boring as hell in its design and look.  Other than that, it is a really nice niche service. And you can use it without hesitation.



*Update* Site seems to be dead now





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