31 August 2011

On Samsung’s Series 7 Slate

*Not a kind of post that you would normally see at Appatic. But sometimes exceptions have to be made. But don’t worry, it will not be a common sight*

Samsung Series 7 Slate

No doubt about it. Samsung has just out-done ASUS with this new offering. The Samsung Series 7 Slate is the true heir of what the always-sold-out ASUS Eee Slate (EP121) brought to the market; A very good Windows 7 based Slate device.

The most important differences are that this comes with

  • - A 11.6" screen size
  • - Dual-Cameras
  • - 3G support
  • - up to 8 hrs of Battery life
  • - and a Tuned Windows 7 installation with touch designed assistive UI-UX (TouchWiz derived) by Samsung that will be familiar for anyone that has seen a Galaxy S Android Smartphone or Slate.

Otherwise it is pretty much exactly like the Asus Eee Slate as it also comes with:

  • - 1366x768 resolution
  • - 802.11 b/g/n WiFi
  • - micro HDMI out
  • - Core i5 CPU
  • - 64gb SSD
  • - 4gb of DDR3 RAM
  • - IPS (clear, bright and multi-angle view) Screen
  • - Windows 7 Home Premium
  • - Wacom certified Active Digitizer

Other differences about it are that the accessories just look a lot better than the ones from the ASUS Eee Slate. And that Samsung has also added different configurations for those wanting to spec it up to the max. As you can choose having it with a 128gb SSD and Windows 7 Pro.

The Prices for this start at $1099 (64gb, W7-HP and NO accessories) and can go up to $1499 (128gb, W7-PRO with Accessories). My only wish would have been that the starting price had been $999. Other than that it is pretty damn good as it is already.

NOW, before even thinking of comparing this with a ipad 2. Just remember that the 64gb version of the iPad 2 3G starts at $829 and that in the case of the Samsung Series 7 Slate. The latter is also a full-on Mini all-in-one PC that can stand alone and do everything a laptop can do. So when seen from that perspective, That should really mark how good this new offering from Samsung actually is.

Personally i don't need it having a 128gb SSD with W7-Pro. Meaning that in my case i will be going with the $1199 configuration of this Windows 7 Slate.

Finally, is very important to know that once Windows 8 comes out. You will be able to upgrade this Slate, making it fully future proof






Juan Leal said...

Where do you put the pen. is there a slot for it. I tried the ASUS EP121 but it was way to heavy and ugly.

Avatar X said...

@Juan Leal

It does have a slot for the capacitive stylus pen.

Compared to the ASUS EP121 Slate, the Samsung Series 7 Slate got way better looks, handling, more functions and it is even a little bit lighter too.

audio brisbane said...

I am quite impressed with the series 7 slate. It is perfect for graphic design and PC gaming. The price is favorable too.


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