22 August 2011

Pomodoro Timer For The Windows 7 Taskbar

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In terms of personal productivity and the Getting Things Done mantra, It is said that the Pomodoro Timer Technique can yield very good results for many.  Making it a GTD productivity technique well worth a try.

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Pomodoro Timer For The Windows 7 Taskbar brings the concept of the Pomodoro Technique to your Windows Desktop, as a Portable (Folder Contained)  .NET 4.0  based app from CodePlex, Made by Johan Danforth. 

This Pomodoro Timer Taskbar App is as easy to use as its name is excessively self-explanatory.  What is worth to highlight and point out is that it supports and makes good use of all the app conventions in the Windows 7 Taskbar there to be used:

  • Pinning
  • Thumbnail Preview
  • JumpList
  • Taskbar Icon Notification Counter
  • Taskbar Icon Flashing Notification
  • Taksbar Icon Animated Notification

One "extra” feature in the app is that you can also change the standard 25 minutes countdown to whatever amount of minutes you need, effectively opting out of the Pomodoro Technique at your will.

Just open the app window and click “stop timer” once it is already running, Click in the countdown text, Erase the minute number and rewrite with the amount of minutes you wish the new countdown to be. Now press “start timer” and continue with the countdown of minutes you just set up.

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Really simple and neat app from those in the look for new GTD apps and handy Portable .NET apps.

Also, as a test, I used the app to set up this post, write it and publish it. All within the standard 25 minutes and with 8 minutes to spare. I guess that means that the app worked very well for me. Now it is for you to try it out.


Pomodoro Timer For The Windows 7 Taskbar




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Avatar X said...

@Pomodoro Online

I liked it. Will be posting about it. Stay tuned.


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