26 September 2011

gbrainy 2.03 For Windows

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It took over 5 months for a new Windows version of gbrainy to appear. But now version 2.0 of gbrainy is finally here, with the following updates and changes when compared to the last windows release,  that was the  1.65 version:

User interface

  • Integrated question and solution in the same game space (a long requested enhancement)
  • Theme support. So it  is now possible to have different themes.
  • New default notebook theme that has a more happier look (see screen capture)
  • Vertical / Horizontal toolbar orientation. By default the toolbar has vertical orientation. This is great since most of the computers have 4:3 screens and allows to use more space for the game area.

Game experience

  • Better answer handling. All the games have been enhanced to be more flexible when accepting valid answers.
  • Better rationale explanations. An explanation for solving the game has been added to a dozen games that were missing it.
  • Fixed many verbal analogies that caused sometimes confusion or that were difficult to translate.


  • Internationalization fixes: including allowing some strings in plural, better concatenation of some strings, etc.
  • Proof-reading of gbrainy's English by a native speaker during a few hours. As a result 20% of strings have been enhanced for better grammar
  • Ability to run gbrainy in English ignoring the translations (for languages in which translations are not completed)
  • Several translations were updated as bugs were fixed
  • Added Esperanto translation

New games

  • As usual some new challenges: 4 logic games, 1 calculation game, 6 new verbal analogies


  • Mono 2.10 support
  • Fixes assembly versioning
  • Over 20 bugs fixes
  • Updated translations for many languages
  • Added Mono.Addins.Gui 0.6 strings for L10N
  • Removed libgnome support (deprecated lib)


gbrainy for windows 2.03 screenshot

As you can see from the aggregated (Linux version gets released more often) summary of the changes. It is a huge updated compared to the last available Windows version.  gbrainy 2.03 works in all the currently in support  Windows OSes. Meaning XP, Vista and 7. 

I have yet to check if I need to update the original review of Gbrainy desktop version. But you may still want to have a look at the original post:

gbrainy- A Game App To Exercise Your Brain

Apart from the desktop version. Gbrainy also got a online web version that has also been updated.  Will also be checking if the original post about it needs to be updated. But in the mean time you may also want to have a look at that one too:

gbrainy Online Web Client



gbrainy 2.03


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